Windrush Discrimination Continues

Thursday, May 3, 2018 | news

We have all heard the news stories on the disgraceful way the British Government is treating the British people who came here on the Windrush and other ships. People who were invited here to fill the gaps in the Labour Force.
The Windrush generation were citizens who got the vote up until recently, when the Home Office under the Tory Government decided to start “deporting” them to places they had never known as home.

This discrimination is being made worse for disabled people. The Guardian tells the story of a 66 year old lady who came to UK from Jamaica on her aunt’s passport when she was 4 years old – too young to have a passport of her own. She has lived here, worked here, paid taxes here, and been a citizen here for longer than anyone in the Cabinet has been alive.

First she was told she was going to be deported, then she was told that she would have to pay back £33,000 in disability benefits, because she was “not a citizen”

The fear and worry of this sudden announcement led to severe depression and thoughts of suicide. Is this how we treat out black brothers and sisters? If you think discrimination against black people and disabled people is wrong, write to your MP and tell them.

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