You Said - We did

We are serious about your opinions.

Any complaint, or criticism or suggestion you make, we listen to it – we act on it

We ask everyone who uses our service to fill in a Complaints, Complements and Suggestions form, to help us to see what we are doing right, what we could do better, and what we could do that we are not doing at the moment. We consider each of these, decide what we are going to do, and explain why. Some of them are about things beyond our control, like more or continued funding for the service. But the things we can change, log and respond to. In the last year we have had 7 suggestions for improvement. they are listed below, along with what action we took.

you said…


More people need to know about this service

Care Act for Carers Leaflet


Can you remind people of their appointments the day before?

You explained what an appointee is for and what they do. Can you put it on your website, as there are other families of people at […] daycentre who want to know

Some times its difficult to find what I want in the online Directory. Can you make it easier?

explanation of pensioner benefits

2 users said that our equality form did not include the group (1 ethnicity, 1 marital status) that they belonged to, and askwed for more choices


We did….

We have increased the number of events we go to this year, and made and distributed more publicity materials

We planned to do this, and bumped it up our publications list,  it is now on the website in Downloads section

We now offer reminders for anyone whose impairment means tehy have problems remembering their impairment


We have written an easy to understand leaflet about this and put on the website downloads page

We have changed the headings and layout to make it easier to find things, and tested the changes with a variety of service users

this has been done and is on the website


We have increased the tick-box choices on the form so that it fits how people describe themselves