Universal Credit Legal Case

Monday, March 5, 2018 | information

Universal Credit is now up and running in Wolverhampton for all new claims for adults (excluding PIP).
New claims for ESA now come under the umbrella of Universal Credit. But severely disabled people without a carer are penalised under this system and losing between £178 and £395 a month, because Severe Disability Premium and Enhanced Disability Premium are abolished under Universal Credit.

The Government says the money will be made up by top-up payments, but these payments don’t come into force until July 2019 – in the meantime disabled people are losing much needed money, that they rely on.

A terminally ill man is bringing a case to Court this month for Judicial Review of this policy, on the grounds that it makes a lie of the government’s stated intention regarding Universal Credit which was supposed to give additional support on the severely disabled.

We will inform you of the outcome on this page.