Transport to local hospitals

Monday, March 6, 2017 | health&wellbeing

The 59 accessible bus goes every 5 minutes from stand G in the bus station, and stops outside New Cross hospital.
The 57 People’s Express bus arrives once an hour and will take you into the grounds of New Cross hospital, the bus is not accessible.

For some journeys to a hospital for treatment, you may be able to use the ambulance service. Ask at your Doctor’s surgery for details. You will be entitled to use an ambulance only if your medical condition requires it.
You may be able to obtain help with your travelling expenses when you go into hospital for NHS treatment and when you come out of hospital, or when you go to and from hospital as an outpatient. If you need someone to travel with you, you may also be able to get help with the cost of their fare. Leaflet HC11, entitled ‘Help with Health Costs’, gives more information, you can get one from your Post Office, JobCentre Plus, or NHS Hospital.

Telephone the Health Cost Advice Line 0845 850 1166 for more information,

or visit: