Tories- £12billion More of Benefit Cuts

The BBC has seen DWP documents during an investigation into where the earmarked £12billion in benefit cuts may be made-‘Carer’s Allowance – this could be restricted to those eligible for Universal Credit. Leaked documents suggest about 40% of claimants would lose out. DWP predicted saving – £1bn. The contributory element of Employment and Support Allowance
and Job Seekers Allowance – currently claimants who have paid enough
National Insurance contributions can get the benefits with little means testing; DWP analysis suggests 30% of claimants, over 300,000 families, would lose about £80 per week. DWP predicted saving – £1.3bn in 2018/19. Disability benefits – Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payments and Attendance Allowance (for over 65s who have personal care needs) would no longer be paid tax free. Possible saving – £1.5bn per annum
(based on IFS Green Budget calculation). Industrial Injuries Compensation Scheme – could be replaced by companies providing industrial injury insurance policy for employees. Any that did not would become members of a default national industrial injuries scheme, similar to the programme for asbestos sufferers. DWP predicted saving – £1bn. Council Tax Support – to be incorporated into Universal Credit. Possible saving – not known.
Child Benefit – Limiting the benefit to the first two children. Possible saving
IFS estimates £1bn saving per annum in the long run but little initially.
Regional Benefit Caps – The £23,000 limit would vary in different parts of the country, with for instance Londoners receiving the top amount due to the higher cost of living. Possible saving – not known and dependent on where levels were set.’