Wolverhampton Advocacy Service

Wolverhampton Advocacy Service

WAS is run by One Voice and provides a free advocacy service for disabled people, people with substance misuse issues, older people, and family carers.

Advocacy helps you to help yourself by providing information and support on a wide range of issues, like your care plan and services, benefits, legal rights, employment, housing, fuel bills, complaints and other issues that affect the lives of our service users.

You can contact WAS by email: kevin@wolvesadvocacy.uk  or telephone us during office hours 8.30-4.00 monday to Friday.

Appointments are available from 8.30am – 7pm during weekdays and also on Saturday mornings.



Getting an advocate

Getting an advocate

The Wolverhampton Advocacy Service is a free professional advocacy service for adults from any of these groups:

Disabled People
Family Carers
Older People
People with substance misuse issues

You must be a Wolverhampton Citizen to get the service.

How to get an advocate

Your assigned advocate can come and see you at a time that suits your needs. We can make appointments between 9am and 7pm in the week, and on Saturday mornings.

Someone like a social worker or family member can refer you, or you can refer yourself, by contacting us by web form here>



Contact the advocacy project at
One Voice

tel 01902 810016

Email: mail@wolvesadvocacy.uk

Or fill in a form on our website:

One Voice Advocacy service

One Voice Advocacy service

whacs-frontOne Voice provides a professional advocacy service for disabled adults.

Any adult who is a Wolverhampton citizen, and has a long term impairment, or has a mental health issue, a learning disability, or considers themselves a disabled person, can use this free professional service, staffed by fully trained experienced disabled advocates.


IMCA Advocacy

IMCA Advocacy

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 has a checklist judge whether a person is able to make decisions in their own best interests.

People who are found not to have mental capacity under the Mental Capacity Act have the right to an advocate who will make decisions about their care in their best interest.

In Wolverhampton the IMCA service is run by Voiceability

You can find out more about IMCA from their leaflet here>>