Self Help Packs

Use these to help you plot your way through decisions and life changes

Download free leaflets and packs and guides to help you to help yourself.

Get help with benefits, debt, writing a will, and a whole range of other things you may find useful.

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Moving Home – checklist

Benefits self-help pack

Writing Letters of complaint


We can feel powerless and frustrated when we have had a poor service.

This guide shows you how to right straightforward and effective letters of complaint.

Just add your details to the guide letter.

Benefits self-help pack


The benefits system can be confusing and unhelpful.

We have put together some easy to understand information on many of the benefit problems you may encounter, such as:

Which benefit, how to apply, what to write in forms, what are the rules, how to appeal a decision, preparing for a tribunal etc

Moving Home

Moving Home is said to be one of the 3 most stressful things in life.

This checklist will help you manage it without forgetting the essentials