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The Wolverhampton Advocacy Service (WAS) is a free professional advocacy service for adults from any of these groups:

Disabled People
Family Carers
Older People
People with substance misuse issues

You must be a Wolverhampton Citizen to get the service.

Your advocate can come and see you at a time that suits your needs. We can make appointments between 9am and 7pm in the week, and on Saturday mornings.

Someone like a social worker or family member can refer you, or you can refer yourself, by contacting us by web form


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Neurological Question Time

If you are someone with a neurological condition, or know someoen who is, you need to put to mark September 5th in your diaries. Black Country Neurological Alliance (BCNA) are holding a Question Time type event, with a panel including: two Consultants, a manager from...

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Care services that suit you

News features on Care Services over the last few months have been about how care is failing or how companies are handing back contracts to councils because they say they cant make enough profit with the rates paid by Councils. Most care homes are run by medium to...

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Some of our service users have been asking what the point is of being on ESA in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG), now that the benefit has been cut, and you get the same money as you would on JSA. There are some advantages to being in the ESA WRAG group: You...

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PIP Mental Health & impairment Changes

Who will this affect? People who get PIP mobility component for overwhelming psychological distress if alone on journeys  - people who have anxiety attacks, social phobias, extreme stress outside the home This may include people with some mental health conditions,...

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ESA Cuts

People in the work related activity group of Employment Support Allowance get a work related activity component of up to £29.05 a week. New claimants of ESA found to have a limited capability for work will not get this. ESA claimants will not be getting an annual...

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Child Tax Credit Changes

From 6th April the family element of child tax credit is scrapped. New claimants will not receive it. Those who have had the family element continuously or with max. 6 month interruption for their child/children before april 6th 2017, will continue to get it.From 6th...

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Housing Benefit rules for under 35s

If you are single, under 35 and rent from a private landlord,  your housing benefit will be capped at £65 per week. So if, for example. your rent is £95 per week you will have to find £30 a week out or your benefits, if you cannot, you will be evicted. It is worth...

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Equality Commission wants your views on housing

From the EHRC: In December last year, the Commission launched a formal inquiry into the chronic lack of accessible and adaptable housing available for disabled people in Britain. The inquiry will reveal whether disabled people’s rights to live independently are being...

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Stepchange – help with debt

If you are struggling to manage and have debts mounting up, an organisation called Stepchange is just the thing to help. Private and confidential, experts at Stepchange will give you advice and help to manage your debt. They are friendly and helpful, and we have...

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