Housing Benefit rules for under 35s

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 | information

If you are single, under 35 and rent from a private landlord,  your housing benefit will be capped at £65 per week. So if, for example. your rent is £95 per week you will have to find £30 a week out or your benefits, if you cannot, you will be evicted. It is worth noting that  social housing providers – like Wolverhampton Homes,Bromford, Accord etc – will not let you bid on their properties unless you have rent arrears of less than £60.

The shared accommodation rate should not apply if you are 25 or over and can show that you have either lived in homeless hostels for at least three months and accepted rehabilitation or support services before moving to the private rented sector, or you are a former prisoner managed under the Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements.

For disabled people under 35, if you get regular overnight care or one of:

DLA middle or high rate care

PIP daily living

Armed forces independence payment