colourful projection

On Friday the 19 February lots of people came to Creative Support at the Boot factory, Wolverhampton. They included Halas Homes and High Flyers.  The aim was to give people with a disability the opportunity to take part in an artist workshop and get involved in drawing images, making puppets and writing a song for a multi media performance. The artists all have personal experience of disability and made the work shops as easy as possible for people to participate. The day was busy and everyone enjoyed meeting and talking to the artists. The activity was funded by Arts Council England and was a taster for future activities led by disabled artists, for example musician Robin Surgeoner is organising a music night (open mic) at Newhampton Arts Centre with his disability band and there are plans to put on a digital projection and puppet show in the Courtyard of the Boot Factory. The goal is to build up relationships with people who use services, so they attend and get involved in high quality arts activities in the future. To do this One Voice, and Co-ordinator Alan McLean want to work in partnership with organisations who provide services and support for people in the community, so that a range of beneficiaries access high quality arts provision funded by the Arts Council. One Voice will do this by talking to arts organisations and encourage them to increase participation by disabled people, using the contacts established through activities like that at the Boot Factory.