Publications and Downloads


WAS Leaflet

You can download our service leaflet here>
Print it off as many times as you like.

WAS Reports

This includes our latest Advocacy Service Annual Report, check here>


The Directory was written for Wolverhampton citizens who are disabled people or family carers, but it has lots of useful information for anyone in Wolverhampton.

You can download our Directory here>>

Our downloadable documents

Benefits pack

Info and help on PIP, ESA, Carer’s Benefits, Universal Credit, applications, medical evidence, appeals, and tribunals can be found here in a separate documents or a pack

Debt & Money managment

The Debt Pack helps with budget planning, debt management, contacting your creditors and making an offer etc


We have leaflets on a wide range of subjects relating to disabled people’s lives – check the publication list

Legal Pack

Information regarding The Equality Act, The Care Act, and other relevant legislation.
Download it here>

Care Act

Information for Carers and disabled people about their rights under the Care Act 2015, here>

Publication List

You can visit our publication list page here>>

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are answers to some of the questions we are most commonly asked about our publications

Who wrote all this stuff?

One Voice staff and volunteers, working with service users in Wolverhampton

Can I use these publications in my work?

You can use anything you find here – without charge – as long as you credit One Voice who wrote everything for the Wolverhampton Advocacy Service

Is all of this information correct?

We do our best to keep everything up to date.

Sometimes we take down documents while we do a substantial rewrite.

Most of the time we can update them easily. In these cases you will see New! or Updated! next to the document title

Can I get it in another format?

If you are a Wolverhampton Citizen, you can get all our information in a variety of formats, by contacting the office.

Formats include: plain text, Large Print, Standard Print, audio CD, Easy Read, And various electronic formats.

Here is what some of you have said about our publications…

Your accessible design guide has been invaluable for us in improving our company profile amongst people with disabilities

I used your guide to write my will

The relaxation guide is very good

Thanks for all the benefits information – I won my Tribunal!

I found your stress management book really helpful

I keep [the One Voice Directory] by my phone

Our social group enjoyed testing out the accessible pub guide!

I used your will layout to help my mum write her will

I though I sussed out moving, but your leaflet reminded me about the DVLA

We just wanted to say thank you. It was 2 years ago you helped us get our money straight. We went from owing thousands and not being able to sleep at night, to saving for a caravan!