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You can get a list of dentists taking NHS patients in Wolverhampton, from:

The Health and Community Care Information Service, Public Health Dept, Wolverhampton City PCT, Coniston House, Chapel Ash Wolverhampton, WV3 0XE
Telephone 01902 831831

Bus number 1 and 3 stop closest to this office.

Please note they no longer have a drop in service and must be contacted by phone, letter or e-mail.

They do not have a list of which dentists have accessible surgeries.

Or you can find out which dentists in your area will provide NHS treatment to new or unregistered patients, at the NHS website:

Just type in your postcode in the search box on the left, and it will give you a list of dentists accepting new patients in your area.

Wolverhampton also has a number of NHS Dental Centres, which provide emergency dental treatment for people in dental pain without a dentist, and general dental treatment for adults or children who have specific needs (such as access needs or extra support) who are registered with a Wolverhampton GP. This can include physical or mental health issues, or nervous patients. The service also provides emergency sessions for people in pain who do not have their own dentist.

You can access any of these services by being referred, referring yourself or by writing to:

Dental Management Office, Pennfields Medical Centre, Upper Zoar St, Wolverhampton, WV3 0JH

Tel: 01902 444182

You should contact the Dental Management Office if you need a home dental service because you are unable to use a standard dental service because you are housebound.

If you need emergency dental treatment and do not have a dentist, contact the Dental Access Centre: Telephone: 01902 444 111

Dental Centres

Ashmore Park
PCT Dental Service, Ashmore Park Health Centre, Griffiths Drive, Ashmore Park, Wednesfield, WV11 2LH
Tel: 01902 444102

Bus routes 28 and 59

Bilston NHS Dental Access Centre
Bilston Health Centre, Prouds Lane, Bilston, WV14 6PW
Tel: 01902 444111

Bus routes 34 and 79

Phoenix NHS Dental Access Centre
Phoenix Health Centre, Parkfields Road, WV4 6ED
Tel: 01902 444112

Bus number 26

Pendeford Dental Clinic
Pendeford Health Centre, Whitburn Close, Pendeford, Wolverhampton
Tel: 01902 575226

Bus numbers 4 and 716

Primrose Lane Dental Clinic
Primrose Lane Health Centre, Primrose Lane, Wolverhampton
WV10 8RN
Tel:  01902 444689

Bus number 794

Wednesfield Dental Clinic
Alfred Squires Health Centre, Alfred Squire, Wednesfield, WV11 1XU
Tel:  01902 575223

Bus number 25 and 59

Whitmore Reans Dental Clinic
Whitmore Reans Health Centre, Lowe Street, Whitmore Reans, WV6 0QL
Tel:  01902 444460

Bus number 62 is the nearest, although it is a bit of a walk to the health centre.