Since April 2013, community care grants system has been run by your local council.

Who can apply for a Community Care Award?

Community Care Awards are to help in the following circumstances if you don’t have enough money to meet your (your immediate family’s) needs and your (your immediate family’s) health or safety would be at risk and there is no other help available to you:

1. Return to live in the community after being in care

2. Stay in the community rather than go into care

3. Help if you are under exceptional pressure eg due to

    family relationship breakdown, serious health problems or


4. Care for a prisoner or a young offender when they leave

    prison or are on temporary release

5. Set up home as part of a planned resettlement

     programme after an unsettled way of life

6. Pay for certain travel expenses eg going to the funeral of a

    close family member

You can apply if you receive or are eligible for:

  • an “out of work” benefit or
  • a disability related benefit or
  • Pension Credit


  • you are a care leaver aged 16-25 (aged 16-18 if in receipt of a Personal Allowance from Social Services)


  • an adult care leaver


  • you are legally resident in the UK
  • you have been resident in Wolverhampton for the past 6 months or 3 years out of the past 5 years. There are some exceptions to this such as care leavers in care outside the city area – please ask us about this.


you do not have enough savings, money or access to other help.

How to apply

You can apply in three ways (if you have a support or care worker they may be able to apply on your behalf if you need help to apply):

  • online
  • Telephone: 01902 558400
  • pdf icon complete and return the application form [112kb]When you apply for a crisis loan, the Council automatically considers you for a community care award at the same time, so you dont have to apply for both.You can use the Council’s website system to check on your eligibility, apply, or check the progress of your application here>>