Man on Motorbike Sketch by Jason Wilsher Mills

Come to the Artist Workshop

Friday 19 February 2016
10am – 12.30 Session 1

1.30 – 3.30 Session 2

  • iPad Artist Jason Wilsher-Mills
  • Be a Puppeteer with Jo Munton
  • Write Songs with Robin Surgeoner

Location: Creative Support

The Boot Factory, 22 Cleveland Rd

Wolverhampton WV2 1BH


Gaby Fincham 07816 172 781

On the 19 February 2016, One Voice have organised a day of workshops by Disabled artists, who want to find out about your interests and passions, and transform them into art and music. It is free, but please tell us you are coming! We are excited to be putting on the day with Creative Support and please contact Gaby Fincham to book your place.

If you like drawing pictures, want to find out about making pictures using an iPad or Tablet. Please book Jason Wilsher-Mills workshop.

If you want to bring life and magic into puppets and like characters then book on Jo Muntons Puppeteer workshops. This workshop is good of groups who know each other, as it’s about working in a team.

If you play music, write poems sing songs then book onto Robyn Surgeoners music workshop, he’s an expert at getting people involved and transforming people thoughts and feelings into song.

People who have attended workshops by these artist have all said how wonderful these artists are at making people happy, bringing about concentration, and involving people in the creative process. “The whole session from start to finnish was outstanding very understandable, easy to do after explanation and there was always someone to help” Quote from Halas Homes.

We hope to inspire creative people in Wolverhampton, who have something to say about the Disability Discrimination Act, or who have lived through this time and have benefited from the change in the Law twenty years ago.  We want to make disabled people welcome.  We want to create an event in the next few months with that is about the 20 years that have gone by since the Disability Discrimination Act became law. So if you have anything to say about the Disability Discrimination Act please come along and we will transform what you say into Art.