Access to your Bank

Access to your Bank

Access to your Bank

In 2009 an electiric wheelchair user in sheffield took his bank- RBS – to Court.

He held his account at their main branch in Sheffield. It had a stepped entrance so he asked them to install a lifr.

The Bank said that since he could do his banking elsewhere (other RBS branches in Sheffield) they were not required to make any further reasonable adjustments.

The Bank appealed against the original Judge’s decision that they were required to put in a platform lift, and lost on appeal.

This case is significant because there were other accessible branches, but not near and not where the person held his account. It is possible that other large and profitable organisations with multiple venues in one area, would similarly be required to make the said adjustment.

You can find out more detail on the case here>>


Care Act 2014 Leaflet

Care Act 2014 Leaflet

thumbnail_Making_Sure_the_Care_Act_Works_EASY_READ.pdfThe Care Act 2014 comes into force in April 2015, and covers care and support for adults and support for carers.

The revised Code of Practice has not been published yet, but this leaflet looks at the main areas covered by the new law.

You can download a One Voice “10 minute  expert” leaflet from here:

Care Act

We will be featuring an in depth article on the website when the Code of Practice is published



The Care Act 2014

lady_and_carer_with_mirrorThe Care Act comes into force in April 2015

It makes some changes to care rights and responsibilities.

The Guidance published by the Government has been consulted on, but the final guidance has noot yet been issued.

This page will be updated when the guidance is finalised.

Rights for carers and ‘cared for’

Personal Budgets enshrined in law



Transition to adult care/ continuity

New powers for the chief inspector of social care

Funding & charging reforms  (A cap on personal ‘care costs‘ of £72,000.)

Integration & Partnership working