Road closures City Centre

Road closures City Centre

The City Centre Victorian Christmas market is planned for 13th December to 16th December and will have an impact on parking etc. as there will be road closures in place on these dates.

Queen Square / Lichfield Street closed in both directions between its junctions with North Street / Victoria Street and Princess Street / Princes Square.

Dudley Street closed between King Street and Queen Square.

Exchange Street closed entire length.

Lich Gates closed entire length

Darlington Street closed in an eastern direction between its junctions with Red Lion Street and North Street.

Through traffic diversion: Princes Square, Stafford Street, Ring Road St. Peter’s, Waterloo Road and vice versa.

It is expected this will start on 13/12/18 at 20:00 until 16/12/18 at 23:59.

You can download a map here>>



Donate to Alzheimer’s Society

Donate to Alzheimer’s Society

Help Paul a volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Society to raise money for their work supporting people with Alzheimer’s in the West Midlands by donating directly to his fundraising page –
JustGiving sends your donation straight to Alzheimer’s Society and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more.
Paul says : Thank you for your support!

Universal Credit Legal Case

Universal Credit Legal Case

Universal Credit is now up and running in Wolverhampton for all new claims for adults (excluding PIP).
New claims for ESA now come under the umbrella of Universal Credit. But severely disabled people without a carer are penalised under this system and losing between £178 and £395 a month, because Severe Disability Premium and Enhanced Disability Premium are abolished under Universal Credit.

The Government says the money will be made up by top-up payments, but these payments don’t come into force until July 2019 – in the meantime disabled people are losing much needed money, that they rely on.

A terminally ill man is bringing a case to Court this month for Judicial Review of this policy, on the grounds that it makes a lie of the government’s stated intention regarding Universal Credit which was supposed to give additional support on the severely disabled.

We will inform you of the outcome on this page.

Ex-army helpline

Ex-army helpline

A helpline for ex-soldiers who are experiencing poor mental health, after they have left the army starts today.

The helpline will be funded by the Ministry of Defence, and can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The helpline number is – 0800 323 4444

Get out and do something!

Get out and do something!

Loneliness and isolation are linked to poor health and wellbeing, especially in the colder months, older or disabled people can get quite isolated and go for days without seeing or speaking to anyone. Family carers also often do not get out and take some social time for themselves. You can help yourself to make sure you are not isolated by getting out of the house and meeting people at free events in Wolverhampton.

The City council puts on events in Wolverhampton parks and open spaces throughout the year.

You can find out what is on, here>

Or if you want to go for a walk, with others, sign up to Walks for Health, and meets some new people. Find out details here>

If you would rather be indoors, how about a visit to one of local galleries? Bilston gallery has a great rocks and fossils exhibit on all year.
Featuring objects from many of the town’s industries, including cut steel jewellery, bicycles and the world-famous Bilston Enamels, you’ll learn about famous Bilston companies including Sankey, Beldray and Sunbeam.

At Wolverhampton Art Gallery you can Bagpuss, the Clangers and other puppets from TV are the big draw. You can look at the original puppets, sets, and filming equipment. See how characters developed, and learn how the tv programmed did their stop-frame animation and have a go yourself. Its free, its fun, and it runs until the end of April.

If you speak a bit of French or Spanish, and want to practice it with others, there are meet-ups at the Lighthouse cafe.



Benefits Sanctions

Benefits Sanctions

In the last 10 years, over a million disabled people have had their benefits stopped with sanctions.

If this is you, and you had good reason to miss an appointment, appeal right away. You must ask for a Mandatory Reconsideration, and explain why you missed the appointment and why you should not be sanctioned.

If you miss an appointment, ring them as soon as possible to let them know why. Delay will mean it is much harder to get your sanction overturned.

While you are waiting for them to consider your mandatory reconsideration, you can apply for a hardship payment. This is a loan to help you pay basic expenses, like rent, food, heating.You have to show that you have tried to get money from other sources, and you have stopped spending money on all but the most essential things, in order to succeed. You will have to pay the Hardship Payment after the sanction period.

You should also make sure you let creditors know of your situation immediately – that means housing benefit, mortgauge lender, council tax, power companies, and any company you usually pay money to. If you dont do this, your debt will mount.

You can get some model letters to help you with all this here>

If you still need a bit of help with this, contact our advocacy service, by telephone, email or contact form, here>

Remember, DON’T DELAY with any of these things, or you will pile up the problems.