Benefit Appeals – what is the cost?

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 | information

The cost to the mental health of disabled people who have had their disability benefits removed has been high. Many have experienced poverty, depression, and worsening health as a result of DWP decisions. Many have given up and accepted the decision because appealing is a lengthy, time consuming and emotional process.

The Government has maintained that changes to disability benefits, and reviews of eligibility have been about targeting the correct people, and removing from those benefits people who dont meet the criteria.

The problem is, as countless disabled people have have told us and others, the DWP do not look objectively at your needs. If they did, why are so many decisions overturned at tribunal? How can disabled people be awarded 0 points for personal independence payment by the DWP “because they do not require help with day to day living”, and at tribunal be awarded 12 points and the highest rate of benefit because their needs are so great?

A freedom of information request has revealed that the DWP has spent £108.1million on direct staffing costs for ESA and PIP appeals since October 2015 for mandatory reconsiderations, internal DWP review,s and appeals to tribunals.
During that same period 87,500 PIP claimants had their decision changed at mandatory reconsideration, and a further 91,587 claimants won their appeal at tribunal.

Would it not be better for disabled people and cheaper for the tax payer, if the DWP looked objectively at facts and made the right decision in the first place?