Adult Care Charges consultation

Adult Care Charges consultation

The City of Wolverhampton Council wants people to have a say about proposals to revise its policy on contributions towards non-residential adult social care.

This consultation runs until 26 November 2017 and the proposals are set out here:.

You can download an information leaflet here

A stakeholder briefing has been arranged for Wednesday 18th October, 12:00 – 14:00 in the Gathering Space at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, which you are welcome to attend and comment on the proposals.

The proposals seek to change contributions to non-residential adult social care from a banded contributions scheme to individual financial assessments in line with the Care Act 2014.
This does not affect the financial assessment policy for people in residential or nursing homes.

The results of the consultation will be considered and proposals reviewed before any final decisions are made about the revised Contributions Policy.

Tell Healthwatch about your medical services

Tell Healthwatch about your medical services

Have you accessed any health or social care services during 2017 so far, such as attending a GP Appointment, or visiting your local hospital, dentist or pharmacy, or visiting a relative in a nursing or care home? If so Healthwatch Wolverhampton would really appreciate it if you could share any new experiences you may have had.

Healthwatch Wolverhampton collects feedback on service provision, to ensure that it is aware of any and all issues throughout the county, as well as any experiences of good practice. Healthwatch Wolverhampton cannot do this without your help and assistance.

Healthwatch have a number of services listed on Experience Exchange part of their website – in order for you to find your local service you can type the name of the service in the search bar.  Services are listed in alphabetical order, and if you wish to access the next page of services, page numbers are listed at the top of each screen.

You can access Experience Exchange by clicking the following link:-

If you can’t find the service you want to leave feedback about please e-mail, with your feedback.

Neurological Question Time

Neurological Question Time

If you are someone with a neurological condition, or know someoen who is, you need to put to mark September 5th in your diaries.

Black Country Neurological Alliance (BCNA) are holding a Question Time type event, with a panel including: two Consultants, a manager from Wolverhampton CCG, Community Neuro Rehab Team, Wolverhampton Independent Living and Healthwatch.

The audience will have an opportunity to ask questions and share where services are working well and where they’re not, or where they don’t even exist at present!

Remember: The Molineux, waterloo Road, Wolverhampton on September 5th.

To register:

Care services that suit you

Care services that suit you

News features on Care Services over the last few months have been about how care is failing or how companies are handing back contracts to councils because they say they cant make enough profit with the rates paid by Councils. Most care homes are run by medium to large for-profit companies, whose main aim is to make a profit. Care costs and provision, are a problem that successive governments have ducked. Its a problem that needs to be fixed, and we need to have a proper discussion about it as members of a civilised society.

In 2014, West Somerset County Council and NHS were at crisis point in trying to find care services for their citizens at a manageable cost. so they put together budget of £75,000 to try to grow the market by encouraging micro -enterprises – that is small one or two people concerns to set up to provide personal care. They aimed to attract 50 new micro-priders. In the end 173 businesses were set up providing employment to 220 local people, and providing care services for 700 older citizens in their area, at a time and in a way that suited the people getting the care services.

Many of the local people who set up cleaning or care micro-businesses did so with help from a Community Interest company called Community Catalysts(CC). CC works across the UK to try to make sure that people who need care and support can get help in ways, times and places that suit them, from local people.

During the run-up to the General Election we should have a proper discussion with plans about how care is to be provided and paid for. The West Somerset experiment is one successful way of growing the kinds of care available, helping local people to run their own businesses, developing the local economy, and ensuring the cared-for have a service based around their needs.

Lets start talking about how to do things better in a way that is cost-effective.

[this article is an opinion piece – it is not necessarily what One Voice or Wolverhampton Advocacy Service think]


Bereavement Support Service

Bereavement Support Service

Wolverhampton City Council with partners such as the Hospitals Trust runs an excellent accessible Bereavement Centre from the ground floor of the Civic Centre, next to the Registrar for Births, Deaths and Marriages.

The centre is open on weekdays from 09.00am-4.00pm

The centre can help you with registering a death, burials and cremations, benefits and tax issues, and housing and other council services.

The aim is to allow you to sort out all the things relating to a person’s death in one place, including helping you to send back things like the driving license of the person who died.

Bereavement Centre, Wolverhampton City Council, Civic Centre,
St. Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton, WV1 1RU
Telephone: 01902 554992

Fax: 01902 554987
Textphone: 01902 555770



Some of our service users have been asking what the point is of being on ESA in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG), now that the benefit has been cut, and you get the same money as you would on JSA.

There are some advantages to being in the ESA WRAG group:

You dont get sanctioned if you dont look for work or apply for jobs on ESA:

You dont have to apply for jobs:

You are allowed to earn some money under the permitted earnings rule without it affecting your benefit:

So although the money on both benefits is now the same, the things you have to do are less demanding.