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Tuesday, April 14, 2015 | information

The National newspapers are beginning to put out articles on the lack of accessibility to polling stations.

In London, only 1% of polling stations have improved their access since a survey by disabled people’s groups and Scope in 2005.

One Voice took part in surveys to audit the accessibility of polling stations, and we can report that in Wolverhampton the most inaccessible polling stations have been retired. In 2009, the Electoral  team of Wolverhampton Council contacted us about access complaints citizens made in our newsletter. They made adjustments or changed the voting rooms of all those that had access problems – come on London, keep up!

If you think you may have a difficulty using your local polling station, contact the Elections and Voting team at the civic centre (01902 556556) or by filling in their contact form>>

Or you can contact us>>


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