What is advocacy all about?

a quick guide to get you up to speed

We all need an advocate at some time in our lives.
It can help to have someone around if you need to make a difficult phone call, someone who can help write a letter or someone to go with you to a difficult meeting or review.
This is where independent advocacy can help.

Advocates cannot promise to get you the result you want, but they can support you to have your say, help you to understand what is happening, and check that what you say is heard.

It’s your issue, your choice and your life; your advocate can make sure you are fully involved in decisions that affect you,

  • An advocate can support you so that your views are respected and your rights are met.
  • An advocate can support you in a variety of situations in which you feel unable to represent their own interests.
  • Advocates are independent
  • Advocates support their clients’ views

Advocates make sure that clients have the information they need to make informed choices.

The advocate will listen to you and work with you to explain information you don’t understand. They can support you to make a decision based on what you want. This can be by finding the right people to talk to or by locating additional information for you.
An advocate can also attend meetings, reviews and tribunals, at your request, to support you through the process.

An advocate will not offer advice, opinions or judgments about what is best for you.

An advocate cannot make decisions on your behalf.

An advocate cannot represent you but they can refer you to someone who can.



Here are some of the things we have helped our service users with:

making a complaint
having a say in care services
getting the help needed
benefits tribunals
child protection hearings
safeguarding issues
legal rights
and a thousand other issues we find ourselves up against from time to time


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