Child Tax Credit Changes

Monday, March 13, 2017 | information

From 6th April the family element of child tax credit is scrapped. New claimants will not receive it. Those who have had the family element continuously or with max. 6 month interruption for their child/children before april 6th 2017, will continue to get it.

From 6th April, you can only get CTC (child Element) for up to 2 children. If you are already getting CTC for 3 or more children born before April 6th 2017, this will continue. parent of children born after that date will only get CTC for their first 2 children. If there is a gap of more than 6 months in your claim, you will lose the right to CTC for 3rd and 4th children.

The Government indicated there would be exemptions for
multiple births (eg twins as the 2nd and third child)
children at risk who have gone to live with relatives family who already have 2 or more children
third child born as a result of rape
sibling group adopted into a family that already has a child

The exemptions have not yet been enacted.