Wolverhampton disabled people's advocacy and information service

helping you to help yourself
One Voice is no longer running an advocacy service in Wolverhampton.
We have been able to help disabled people and carers for many years, but now that time has come to an end.

We will be keeping this website up for a further year, so please download anything you think you might need in the future.

If you need help with Benefits you must use Citizens Advice Bureau, – you need to go to their nearest office to use the service, they do not have an appointment booking system.
If you are over 50,you can use AgeUK.

If you need help with debt or housing, or complaints, or other issues, please see if any of our downloads can help you.

If you need help with a child protection issue, please tell the social worker. If you cannot understand the proceedings, make sure they know this. If you have an impairment, they must make reasonable adjustments so you can understand and take part in what happens.

If you have a housing or payment issue with Wolverhampton Homes, please contact them.

If you need help with something to do with your rights under the Care Act, please contact Pohwer: 0300 456 2370 or email pohwer@pohwer.net.

If you need help with forms like the Blue Badge form or Council Tax Reduction, or Warm Front Grant, fill in the form as best as you can – check if our downloads or directory will help. Remember to answer the questions, give as much information as possible, and if you do not understand the question, write that on the form. Try to get a friend or family member, or member of any groups you go to, to help.
Only ask people you know and trust.

If you know someone who has difficulties with reading and writing, make sure s/he lets the appropriate authorities know.

Councils, Health Authorities, and other places that provide services have a legal duty to give you information and help in a way you can understand, make sure your friend/neighbour/family member, knows this and tells the service provider this.

If you are having trouble with any of these things, contact your M.P.s office, or contact your local councillor – they serve you and have a duty to help you, or tell you about someone who can.

If you have problems having your say or being listened to, contact your councillor.

If you are feeling isolated or lonely, check our Directory for social groups in Wolverhampton.
Also, Wolverhampton Homes runs a befriending group for disabled people you can fill in a form online to ask to join it:


If someone is bullying you by taking your money or threatening you, or belittling and mocking you, you can report it and get help:

  • Monday to Thursday 8:30am to 5pm, Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm call 01902 551199
  • For emergencies out of above hours 01902 552999
  • If immediate action is needed dial 999


Our best wishes to you all, for an independent future.

One Voice

We will update the main One Voice website with news and information, so you may find more help there: